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Interested in seeing all the different types of custom ribbon we have? Need to see what the different sizes for our floral arrangements are? You can find that information below. If you have any other specific questions regarding anything you didn't find on this page, please send us a message or use our chat feature.  

Floral Arrangement sizes

Specialty Ribbon

We carry a lot of ribbon in our stock! Typically our customers are interested in our ribbon selection if they want us to create custom bows for them to be used on their wreath or floral arrangement, or simply just for a bow to add to a gift. Below you can find the special ones that are not necessarily common. Keep in mind that we also have almost every plain color of ribbon as well that is not listed on these pictures. So if you need to see if we have a specific color or style in stock then feel free to send us a message.



Burlap Selection

Want us to create a bow using a burlap fabric or color? These are all the styles we currently have in stock. Don't see something you like? We can find the perfect ribbon for your project, don't worry. 

Burlap Varieties Sheet.jpg
Burlap Varieties Sheet 2.jpg


Ribbon Overlay and Wrap Around

Some of our bows have a different color or fabric of ribbon wrapped around the center of the bow. Some of our bows have more than two tails, we call these overlays. These are some specialty options our customers can choose from to create a unique design.