Specialty Burlap Bow

Specialty Burlap Bow


What can you use a bow for? These could be given to the people in your life as a final touch to accent a gift, a bow to add to a clip for a daughter or niece, or to add to any sort of interior decoration. The possibilities are unlimited! We know not everyone can master the perfect bow, so we decided to do it for you.

Standard Specialty Burlap Bows will come as shown. The burlap color will depend on what we have in stock at the time, but if you need a particular shade you can request it in the custom box at check-out. They can be created with any type of overlay, wrap around, and tail ribbon color or style.

Standard Bow Size: Length: 7-8", Width: 2-3", Height: 9-11"

Need a larger bow? Send us a note with the size you want and we can work with you.

Note: An overlay is the second layer of fabric over the top of the bow, like the white/black striped ribbon that is shown in the pictures. A wrap around is the center part of the bow (shown as twine in this listing). The tails are the bottom parts of the bow - the specialty bows come with four tails.

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