Frosty Deco Mesh Wreath

Frosty Deco Mesh Wreath

from 140.00

[Basic Details:] Standard Deco-Mesh Wreath with added ribbon accents. Comes with three deco-mesh colors (red, white, and green), three accents ribbons (designer will select colors if preference is not indicated during customization process during check out), and a snowman accent centerpiece (styles may vary slightly).

[Custom Options:]

Bow [$3] - Choose your fabric and/or color. Our standard size of bows in anywhere from 6-8 inches by 9-11 inches.

Extras [$10]:

- Adding up to two additional colors of ribbon. You will indicate what colors/styles you want during the customization process.

Other [$15] - You can add anything you want to your custom wreath. Selecting other allows the customer to add up to three customization options that are not listed previously. So, if you do not see the option you need, then select "other accent' and indicate in the "other accent" box during check-out what you need to complete your wreath. This MUST be selected if you wish to add the pine cones, ornaments, and snowflakes you see in the photo.


Note: Need a larger wreath then the standard 18-inch diameter? This can be added on under the "Other" Additional Accents selection during the customization section.

Add Bow (+$3):
Extras (+$10):
Other Accents (+$15):
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Note to buyer: Please keep in mind that these wreaths are custom made so every wreath will be somewhat unique, although we generally follow the same pattern as best as we can so that you get something that is close to what is depicted in the pictures. If you are interested in a wreath that is similar to the one depicted, but you wish to make custom changes, please use our chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen (desktop only) or email us at and we can discuss pricing options. Typical changes include, but are definitely not limited to, creating a full-floral wreath instead of a half-covered wreath, or adding a word like "Hi" or "Welcome" to the wreath.