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"Personal touches should be charming, not costly."


Gallery Overview

Please select which gallery you would like to view below. We have created pieces for homes, like centerpieces and table decorations, and we have created pieces for events, such as birthday and wedding parties. You will see our creations within these galleries. If you would like to contact us regarding a custom quote then please either click on the "Request Free Consultation" button below or visit our "Contact" page to do so. 


Floral Arrangements

Do you need a floral arrangement for your kitchen or dining room table, but prefer to not have live plants in your home because you don't quite have that necessary green thumb? We specialize in creating custom arrangements for any style of home and we use artificial floral that will fit into any budget. Whether you want original silk or real-touch floral, we can create something that will be perfect for that bare area in your home that you want to bring to life. View our floral arrangement gallery here to see some of the custom creations we've made for our other clients or click "Request Free Consultation" to get your free consultation or quote for your custom arrangement


Custom Event Decorations

Do you have an event coming up that you really want to impress your guests with, but you're not that crafty? Maybe you are crafty, but you are too busy and do not have the time to create all the decorations you are needing or wanting for your event? We like to step in and create those custom pieces for people who are in situations exactly like these. The initial consultation is free and we can create custom decor for any theme or space. If you decide to work with us we do require a $25 non-refundable deposit for your design concept that is due after the initial consultation, but this charge applies to the total cost of your finished product(s). For more information on getting custom items created for your upcoming event, please click "Request Free Consultation" below.