Hanging A Wreath

So you have your new custom wreath and you want to display it for the whole world to see? Perfect! You put a hanger on your front door and place that beautiful homemade creation onto it and everything in your life is complete.

Two days later you come home from work and that creation is mocking you by lying on your front porch with a letter that fell off. So you fix it and hang it again. Same problem, two days later.

What is wrong?

The problem is that when you hang something, especially if your front door has a glass insert, you need the right hanging tool. You also need to take into consideration how much that wreath weighs. (Ours generally weigh about five pounds when they are complete).

Typically, we at Homegrown Accents, think that the wreaths look so much better when you do not have a door hanger that is visible. So we usually use these two objects as our go to when we hang our wreaths on our front doors.

The Command Outdoor Window Hook (Large Size) is designed to be used outdoors and on any surface, including glass. It is available in a "clear" style as well so you don't see anything once your wreath is on there.

The Gecko Tech Reusable Hook, which can hold up to five pounds on a glass surface, is a really great go to as well. There are amazing reviews from a lot of people online who use these to hang their wreath decorations year round. Plus on this buy: They can be removed and do not leave any marks.

I have added the link to the best (and cheapest) place I have found them on the internet, however they do sell them at some local chain stores like Walmart. If you are not a fan of ordering things online (although I can't imagine why you would be reading this if you were not a fan of online purchasing), or you need these amazing hooks right this instant, then swing by your local chain store and see if you can pick one of them up.

Say good bye to your wreath mocking you. Once you have secured your custom wreath with one of these bad boys it will stay, trust us.