Blogs, bows & banners.

Good morning!

As most of you probably noticed, Court and I took a mini break from the shop a little while back. We still had orders but we both decided to cool our jets on advertising and spreading the word about our tiny shop. It honestly was nice to take the free time to really enjoy my family while our nomad, Auntie Court, made her usual venture back home to the states. But now that she’s been here, and everyone is back in school, we have had a lot of fun coming up with new ideas, ventures, and just growing our business together under the same roof.
My kiddos are absolutely loving having their Auntie home as well!

We have gotten a lot more attention as of late, so I just wanted to take the time to say hello to all of our followers and WELCOME to the brand-new faces! My sister and I cannot express enough how blessed we feel that people actually enjoy the things we make by hand. We take pride in every single detail, whether it’s a certain overlay length on a bow or the perfect opaque shade on a site banner, not a single project step lacks a touch of devotion.

Here at Homegrown Accents, we really want people to feel at home. We want to let our followers in on our personal lives – during both good & bad times – and we hope that folks feel comfortable enough to ask us anything and are willing to dive deep into conversation with us without feeling any sense of restriction. So, we think by getting back into blogging, it would be the perfect way to grow our little HA family. We plan on later having set dates during the week where we go live [which terrifies me because I am a pretty shy person, haha]. We are thinking maybe a coffee date one morning and then a wine night in the evening? Maybe we can sucker some of our friends to join in as guests here and there as well?
Haha, I’m sure they would absolutely love that! Jk.  

So, to anyone reading this, we would love it if you introduced yourself.
What caught your eye to either visiting our shop or intrigued you to read this blog post?
Would you join in on our live coffee & wine dates?
We would love to hear your thoughts! <3

Now, it's time for me to take off this make up that my tot CAKED onto my face. She has been begging me for the last few days about playing in my make up, so this mama finally delivered. I seriously "cannot" stop laughing, haha. I CANNOT. [Inside joke: Addie's favorite phrase right now is, "I cannot". Not can't - CANNOT. She's a proper young lady, lol.]
I think she's gonna be a pro, don't you think?


Happy Tuesday, y’all!

Ashley Nichole.