Good Morning, World.

Come take a trip inside of my mind for a little while. 

(Okay, well, now that I've written that out, it sounds a little creepy. I swear it sounded a lot cuter in my head, lol. Anyways, it's already written down soo.. moving on! lol)

Seriously, for not being a morning person, this is absolutely my favorite part of the day. I love the feeling of being up before the rest of the world silently enjoying my coffee. It's the calm before the storm and by storm I mean my children (fur-babies included) and the mayhem they all bring when their tiny little feet hit the floor. My room is chilly with all of the fans running, but the coffee is hot. It's like Fall, but in my head, lol. Thank youuu Bath & Body Works for your Autumn scented candle. Really.., and anything else Fall related you sell. You're the real MVP!

       : : insert wink and nerdy hand gesture : :

    : : insert wink and nerdy hand gesture : :

Ah hem.. moving on.. [again].

So, for those of you who don't know, or I have yet to meet, I actually used to blog. I loved to blog. I use past tense because I have not done it in forever. So, I figured why not start it back up again to clear my head, and also let you guys inside of my thoughts. The random, goes around in circles constantly, not organized in the least bit, boring thoughts that IS the creator of Homegrown Accents, lol.

Sooo, beware and you're welcome?!
To say you'll be amused (or actually maybe bored - I am a lot older now?) is an understatement.

I really need to get up, and get my crockpot going so dinner is taken care of later. I'm blessing my family with Chicken & Dumplings, but the lazyyyy style, lol. I've been trying out a TON of new recipes that I've found on Pinterest lately. I tweak them to fit what I think everyone will like, they say "Yay" or "Nay", and then I either save it ORR delete it and make sure to NEVER make that nonsense again, lol. I really hope to leave behind a huge cookbook for my kiddos to enjoy with their families later on once I'm gone. Orrrr much too old or lazy to cook for myself once I've hit the ripe ole age that is senile, lol. Whichever one fits in the moment, I guess?

So, since I'm getting completely distracted with this intro blog, Halloween crafts are coming your way so make sure to keep checking the shop! I'm throwing a Halloween Party this year now that we are settled into the new house finally so I've been pondering some goodies I think that everyone else would love having in their own homes during this spooky season.


[Side note]: This is by far one of the best coffee flavors I've ever had. It's so good! Now all I'm missing is a Halloween mug.
So, if anyone sees any cute ones out there, let me know!
I'm SOO ready for Fall to get here.

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If you didn't like it, I'm sorry for boring you with my awesome thoughts? 

(I mean, I'm really not, lol. You're the one that kept reading. So, now you know for next time what to expect and avoid, lol.)  


Have a really great Wednesday, y'all! 



Ashley Nichole.