Courtney and Ashley; Sisters, circa 1990.

       Courtney and Ashley; Sisters, circa 1990.

I have always been in love with making a home beautiful. Whether it's by fixing up an entire space, or just by adding little touches here and there to complete an overall look. 

My sister, Courtney, has always loved anything and everything about event planning. She loves creating special pieces to spruce up any party.

We both have an eye for design and a passion to create beautiful things. 

This is why we teamed up to create a shop that reflects our tastes, beliefs, and interests.

We stand by our motto, "Personal touches should be charming, not costly," and we hope you see that reflection in every one of our creations.

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting our little homegrown shop - Homegrown Accents. We look forward to helping you add some charming touches to your homes and events.

Ashley & Courtney.


Texas girl. Stay at home mom of two daughters & fur child. Wife to high school sweetheart. Interior Designer. DIY-er of all things. Fall lover. Book nerd. Horror movie enthusiast. Student. Artist. Craft Queen.

Survival method: Coffee during the day & a glass of wine at night.
[or bottle – but who’s counting, lol]

I fully believe the messy, most chaotic moments in life are the ones that lead you to fully appreciate how great of a life you’ve truly been given. So, find your faith, gather your strength, and remember to enjoy the ride.

Ashley Strizak

Ashley Morton:


Owner | Designer | Photographer

March 3, 1989



I was born in San Antonio and Texas will always be home to me. While I always find my way home to Texas, I have spent a decent part of the last six years traveling to places like Japan, Guam, and various other states, like Washington and California. You could say that I have a wanderer's heart. I dabble in many interests from dancing, drawing, and crafting to reading, learning, and getting down with my bad self. I am ecstatic to have teamed up with my sister to open this shop. (Finally!) We have a great blend of many different attributes that just work well together. I have studied and worked in quite a few fields, but I settled in Business finally, where I hope to own a Venue in the near future. So stay tuned, we have big things planned. <3


Courtney Samorodov:


Owner | Designer | CS Rep.

June 20, 1990